how to use business game board international

how to use business game board international

What you need to play business game

Business game is a famous game of united states of America. This game is the Indian version of monopoly. Business game is similar to Indian board game ludo or snake and ladder but it requires good decision. With this basic rule we can also make different variations from our personal choice.
Basic Equipment
1. Two to four number of player to play And a banker is your choice whether you want to keep it separate or you can also roll players yourself.
2. Business board game.
3. A token for each player.
4. Money bills
5. Two dices



Basic Rules To Play Business Game:-

Cash is given to the players who are playing before the start of the game, the cash is dependent on the players. How much cash they spend depends on the players who are in the neighborhood. The more cash you take, the more time it will take for the game to finish. Let's roll the dies to start the game. The first person who comes to 12 moves the dies. To buy the property, the player has to go through Go Space. If a player reaches the Go Space, the banker gives Rs. 1500 to that player. if a double roll that he gets  to double roll.
The players move around the board to make and win money. And the player who spends more money does not stay in the game much longer the timer is put in the game. The player who will have the most money in all the players wins the game.

how to use business game board international

Property for business game:-

In the board, if the player lands in a city. If the player does not buy that city, then the banker auction the city. If a player does not buy that city at auction, then that property is kept unsold.
The price of each city is written on the board. You can buy anything to play the business game right.
If a player lands on your property. So you can charge that fare. To buy double the rent, you have to buy all the cities of the same color.
And to get more rent, the players can build houses on their property. The house is valued on the basis of the property. On each property, you should build the house equally.
Due to limited number of houses, the bank can move out of the house. The player has to wait till the other player can sell the house back to the bank the bank has only one house left and if all the players want to buy that house.The banker nymphs it and it is given to the highest bidder. There is also the rule that players can sell their assets to a bank or other player.

 Community and Chance Chest:-

Any player who lands at any place. So the player makes a  deck card and gets it done with the things written on the card. Players can get money in this or they can lose money or even put them in jail. There is also a card to get out of a prison all the effects of the card are written on the planning board after pulling the player's card. that card was put under the deck after falling.

how to use business game board international


When a player goes to jail, then that player cannot get out of the board until they get out of jail. They can deposit the rent by staying in jail. You can buy houses, participate in auctions and trade with other players. When a player goes to jail, the player's turn comes too late. There are many ways for the player to come to jail.
Double roll to get out of jail. Jail can also use free card. You will have to pay 200 rupees to go to the bank. On coming out of the prison, Khilari will not get 1500 ₹ after crossing the go. Nothing happens if you land on jail with rolling dies. New players do not know why they hurry to get out of jail. Due to being in jail, you will not even need to pay rent to the players, which you can earn more and more money.

Income Tax:-

Wherever the player lands, he will have to pay 200 ₹ to the bank.

Club House:-

The player had to pay 100 ₹ to take down the club house.

Rest House:-

To get into the rest house, the player must leave his next turn as payment.


In this article, the rules and basic chige of the game have been told. But it is not enough to play the business game more easily you have to play with your friends. If four players play together, they will be even more fun.

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