rcm business|what is rcm business plan, failure mode

rcm business|what is rcm business plan, failure mode

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What is rcm business plan

rcm business|what is rcm business plan, failure mode
What is Rcm. Rcm is a mission which has been doing three objectives for the last 18 years. first is health second, self-reliance and third is the creation of new India. rcm flower form (right concept marketing) rcm is not a company. company  name is fashion suiting pvt. Ltd. 

This company has been start in Bhilwara (Rajasthan). This company start was in the clothing business since 1977. In 2000, this company stepped into director selling and today this company is the no. 1 M. L. M is a company.

Reason for starting RCM business

First we think what happens is practice last 200 years. It is called traditional marketing. It is what is a company and it. Makes a product of 500 and that product becomes 1000 rupees it reaches the customer.

 The reason for its reaching 1000 rupees is that the company does its product advertisement. The products c & f before reaching the customer, D / s, W / s, and after the retail shop reaches the customer due to which the product becomes very expensive. the biggest thing is that without mixing adulteration.

 The company gets a rupee of 1 rupees. It makes no sense to our health. What is rcm? Is there a direct customer of goods purchased from rcm, no advertiser nor to any middleman. The 50% which used to go to the advertiser and the middleman, now gives 45% of the money back to the customer.


What does rcm work

What does rcm do? He connects the customer with the manufacture, which is used by the customer who used to get 50% of the manufacture, and now he takes 45% of the rcm and gives it to the customer. Its 1 biggest problem is whether customers get original, original goods.
2. 5% -25% discount on MRP
3. 10 / -32% commission on B.V.
4. Original bill tax paid
5. 30 days money back guarantee
6.self business

How to join Rcm

You need to join rcm
1. Photo 2
2. Adahar card
3. Account proof
4. Pan card

RCM business failure mode video more informations

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