top 10 successfull business idea for women | online

top 10 successfull business idea for women | online

top 10 women successful business ideas :-

Every,( Top 10 women small business ideas) women housewife wants to invest in side bussines at their home, this article has also told about online business.

jewellery making business(women successful business ideas):-

You can start  at any time. To start this business, first of all you have to buy jewellery parts at wholesale rate and make it an achi jewellery and sell it at a good margin example. So if you buy 200 rupees merchandise, you can buy jewellery from Asani for 500 rupees or Can sell it for a higher price. The business of jewelery is a never-ending business and it can be opened at home with less investment. If you do not know how to make jewellery then you will get many tutorials on making jewellery on youtube.

We can sell in two ways We can sell by making whatsapp group or facebook page and also make your website.
2.Offline: -offline You can sell by setting up your own small shop or even from home.

Voice over artist(women business ideas):-

Every movie, channel, cartoon have a voice over artist's , you can get a lot of money in this business, if your voice is not good, then you can open your agency, you can keep your voice over artist, sir You have to give your artist a lot of mergin by taking connectors

This business is profitable and fast running business, there are two machines to make it big and small. Small machine will be very useful for women because women can start business from home by putting it at home with easy. To make this business bigger, you can meet big companies and make a good profit by selling your goods to them.

Bindi making business:-

You can start this marking business from home. The raw material needed to start this business requires makhmal clothes, printer. Being a traditional business, its demand is always there. This is the reason for the use for women, because of this, more women than business men can do well

Plant nercsery business:-

Everybody wants to plant trees outside their house, But due to the busy life nowadays people do not. if you like to decorate trees or gardening, then you can do this business easily. You can start nersery from home easily and you can maintain the plants by going in the house.

Food making business:-

If you have taste in your hands or you can cook good food, then you can start this business from home easily. You know  that due to many school children stay away from home, you can cook food to the children if you live in an AC place where there is no snack shop nearby, then you can make the people nearby by making snackes. Can give. If you have taste in your hands, then your snack will be sold quickly.

Messho business :-

To start this business, you have to download the messho app. If you do not know how to run the messho app, then you will get many tutorials of your own, you will learn easily by watching the tutorial. You can start these from home by creating a whatsapp group or facebook page on business mobile. Its plus point is that to start it, zero investment is required.

Youtube channel or social influencer business:-

Every human being is good in something or something, if you enjoy doing something or you can deal with things easily, then you can become your youtube channel or instagram influencer. You have to work on one of the niches and continue on the nich.

Affiliate marketing business:-

Affiliate marketing is also a good business. To start at home, if you sell a product in it, then you will get a to get as much comision on that product. affiliate marketing is the best platform amazon affiliate marketing. You will find many tutorials to start it on youtube.

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