how to start a Robot restaurant business in india

how to start a Robot restaurant business  in india

Robot restaurant business in india:-

Robot restaurant business is flourishing all over the world. food online delivery . There has been a huge sale. Everyone likes fast food food, due to which in many years, due to this business, many of their demand has increased. In 2020, its business can be up to 15 hundred billion dollars. If you want to do bussines then resturant is a very big option for you. If you do this bussines with the right planning then you will definitely be successfull.

What kind of robot restaurant do you want to open:-

Decide what kind of resturant you want to open.  Before starting work, we should do good strategy, planning, of course why not take a month's time. Just like before we start resturant, we should think that we should start restaurant. There are many types of restaurant such as veg restaurant, dining restaurant, non veg restaurant, bar and restaurant or we should think that restaurant will do well in our area. People who have success in this field can also get information from them.

how to start a Robot restaurant business  in india

How much to invest:-

 Perform financial planning before opening the restaurant. After that you will have to think how much investment you will need to start a restaurant. Planning should be done for how much money will be spent in which work.
For example, if you take the frenchy fee, then the rent of the shop (shop area should be at least 700 to 1500sq.f. Shop interior, furniture, kitchen items, advertisement, staff salary working capital (working capital at least 3 to 6 month). Fixed cost - Fixed cost is that which has to be paid every month like shop rent, staff salary, electricity bills etc.

Monthly expenses of running the robot restaurant:-

A medium restaurant is more than 1.5 to 2 lack. Such as
1. Store fare - 20,000 /-
2.staff salary
cook - 12,000/-
Cook helper-10,000/-
Two Waiter - 12,000/-
Cleaner - 4000/-
Delivery boy - 6000/-
Manager - 6000/-
3.Restaurant raw material monthly - 70,000/-
4. Total monthly spending 1.5 lack of restaurants. Can range from 1.85 lack.


Location is very important for restaurants.  Like we should put a restaurant in the market in the mall and crowded. If it is our own, it would be even better.

how to start a Robot restaurant business  in india


 Advertisment is also very important. 90% of the restaurants are closed before 6 months, the restaurants which were supposed to be famous in a year without advertisement, it takes 4 years for restaurants to become famous. It is said that what he sees is sold. You can also get help from local advertiser to advertise. You can also put a poster. Social media advertisment, It is considered a very good thing to advertise, in today's time everyone uses social media. You can entice the customer by making a page or a blog or by making restaurant offers or by making an offer.





You have to buy licence before opening the restaurants. You will have to buy (fssai) license. There are many other types of licence that depends on you that you have to take . If you keep the people at work then there will be registration  from the label department.
If a / c is installed in the restaurant, then you will have to pay service tax, If a / c is not installed then after the sale at a certain level, you will have to pay service tax. The connection of electricity department to commercial department for your restaurant has to be taken. You will also have to take a water connection from the municipal corporation, You have to take the NOC from the fire department and get a restaurant fire extinguisher which can cost up to 3000 ₹, You have to get a commercial connection from the gas agency for the gas cylinder.


You have to think for yourself how to install interior in restaurants. In market you get everything, but we have to decide that which we can get cheap price and good. Apart from this, your furniture should be beautiful and comfortable.
how to start a Robot restaurant business  in india


Nowadays people love not only domestic food but also foreign food and these food come in the favorite food of the people. And you also have to keep in mind that the price of the menu is less than other restaurants.

cheaf or cook:-

The cheaf or cook plays a very big role in the food business. Many restaurants have closed many times due to cheaf and cook. Therefore, it is very important to arrange them properly.  Helper must be tranned so that it can handle everything in the main cook absence.

Next thing comes to you, how to arrange waiter and cleaner.You can also make arrangements by contacting someone. Staff should know how to talk to customers. The attire given to staff should be clean and tidy.

How much will it earn robot restaurant:-

Now the most important thing is how much will be earned in the restaurant. Restaurants can take 4 to 6 months to freeze and earning can be made affter 2 to 3 months. it all depends on the hard work of your employees.
the earnings can increase manifold, if Jagha is your own, then the chance of success of the restaurant increases by 50%.

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