Top 5 business ideas for couples

Top 5 business ideas for couples

Couples business ideas

In this article you were going to talk about five awesome ideas for couples that you can actually start today. Welcome to this article where I will help the couple avoid the box that society has unjustly tried to put us where you can take your idea and itinto a terrible online business that you are super I am excited so that you can cancel life that you want to do together forever. Which will help your life, with your relationship, and even with your business. Great fun! As we mentioned today that you were talking about 5 online business ideas that you could have done as a couple. What do you start when you are trying to think what you want to do ... Your brainstorming. Are you in the thinking phase? Where to start Where to start Wellyou start with your idea! Yes! I think you just said that one through. Right yeahso what is your idea? Maybe you need some ideas maybe you know that you want tocreate a super simple business online but youre like "Oh my gosh! Is thisreally gonna be that complicated?" Well it could be... But it also could be supersimple. We actually like to look at the super simple businesses because wedont like complicated and most people dont and so youre probably part ofthose most people. So on todays top five number one and this is in no particularorder this is just you know it has to be in an order of some kind so kind of pickwhich one that youre gonna like best or get ideas from it because youre gonnabe able to really create something really cool so on the list what do wehave for number uno!

1.Workout Brands-

This is a reallycool idea because theres so many things that you can do with a workout brand.Maybe youre the couple whos already super fit?Youve got rock-hard bodies! Youve done the journey already and you want toshare with the world how to get there! How to get that super fit bod, right?Maybe what you could do is refer workout gear that you use. Clothing apparel. Maybeyou create really awesome YouTube tutorials to teach people some awesomemoves so they can get those rock-hard abs or nice buns, right? Or maybe youre acouple who doesnt have the rock-hard abs? Maybe youve got the whole"dad bod" thing going on. I know that some of our friends are justlike "Yeah... you know... Ive got body by queso" sort of thing going on and theresnothing wrong with that. Theres some people who want to create a brand abouttheir journey, where theyre going, theyre not experts, theyre not likeFitness certified, CrossFit enthusiasts, got all theguns in the gun show they could tell you which way the beach is and all that butbut theyre just normal humans like you & me. You have this journeywhere you want to get fit in your life and you want to document that along theway, thats another really cool angle to take the fitness brand. And just likeErin was talking about you can refer the gear that youre using...Maybe supplements...

 Maybe you partnered with a supplement company?Theres all sorts of different affiliate products and services that you canpartner with. And then maybe you start creating your own workoutroutine and you start posting that. There all sorts of really cool things you could do including having your own membership site that you could build.So in todays examples were gonna include the links to all the differentthings that you can do to hook up some super simple businesses in the ShowNotes so stay tuned for that! That is the idea for the workout brand do you have any other ideas with the workout brand?Yeah! I mean if youre doing a workout brand something else that would bereally cool with the type of brand where youre showcasing a journey or you are sharing some kind of a story is to do maybe a little bit of a vlogging thing!You can vlog! You could say "Okay I just got up and this is really hard liketoday I dont want to work out but Im here for you!" And it can be kind of like a cool motivational thing so its like take the fans with you, right!?Totally cool! So thats your workout brand!


 2. stainability Brands - 

 Oh my gosh this is actually a pretty cool one and I thinkat some point were gonna start one of these because its really reallyinteresting the different things you can get into. Now all of these differentbrands that were talking about right now the top five that were gonna bementioning mean they all are ones that you can do from your laptop from anyWi-Fi connection from around the world if you stay tuned were actually gonnathrow in a BONUS one at the end so theres actually six! You know what? Welike to over-deliver in everything we do so were actually gonna throw in aBONUS one that I actually just thought about just now completely random!So with sustainability theres things like organic gardening.Renewable energy... like solar and wind power and even hydropowerThats just the tidal movements or or going with streams and currents andcapturing the energy with that.

 What else do we have for that?Hydroponics! You could be into hydroponics or have a wealth ofknowledge actually about any of these things and be producing your own eCoursesYou could be vlogging about it, blogging about it. You could go out thereand be Facebook LIVEing about it! But sharing the information... Maybe you arereally into the idea of helping clean up the oceans! Or youre like an environmental is ofsome sort. That would fit into kind of that niche. So there is so many things that you could offer whether it is affiliate products or whether it is your own systems that you created for hydroponics and maybe you created the first one and then you get somebody else to build them and mail them out while you are travelling the world doing more research about hydroponics, right? 

 But if you think about this like obviously capturing wind energy is very very difficult to do because you need this huge windmill!How are you gonna travel with that? Well knowing how the wind works, knowing how the turbines work you could actually talk about the energy and you can partner with different companies who actually offer those things and theyhave teams that go out and install them and do all the research to make sureits in a geographical desirable, windy area. Because, heck! You need wind! So thats just an idea of sustainability of what you could talk about with that brand. Now at the very end were actually gonna be talking about the key things that every single business, regardless of the brand, what you need to have in place so stay tuned to the very end.



  3. T-Shirt Biz- 

Maybe you love t-shirts or maybe you love hoodies and you are just like "Oh my gosh! I would love to be able to make people feel comfortable. I got some great ideas for some designs and I just want to get this launched so that people can have t-shirts." Yeah! That right! Its a really cool way to express yourself if you are an artist its a really cool way just to get your beautiful artwork out there have people wearing it its also a really neat thing for brand awareness you can do so much with Merch. Whether it is giveaways or you know you are just trying to create some kind of a movement and have a really beautiful message on t-shirt.

 A t-shirt business can actually be really hands off. So, as soon as you create a t-shirt business it can pretty much run itself in the background of your business, right? Now I know what you are thinking right now"But... Dude... Brian you totally said that this is something I could do online fro many where. If I start a t-shirt business I am gonna have to get screen printers and all the machinery and all the inks and stuff..." You could... that is away to do it you could that is that is a way to do it or you could set it up how we did... So if you go to Store. come you can see our t-shirt shop! And at that store we have it set up Dropship style. 

So what we did is we set up and the Shopify store hooked with a screen printer and so they do whats called a "print-on-demand" style where we upload our artwork we tell them"Hey, these are the shirts and colors that we want them printed on"(based on their inventory) And so anytime that a shirt is purchased the order automatically gets sent over there they get the order they fulfill the order they dump money in your account you pay just the the printing cost or whatever (which is less than what you are actually charging that how you make a profit in that style of business) and its all done away.

 You do not have to worry about packaging shirts yourself. They do all the fulfillment, which is super sick if you are wanting to do this from abroad, right? Yeah, totally its actually just a nice extra little component of a business its already happening already moving. You could totally make it a full-time business. BUT... If you wanted to add a t-shirt component to an already existing business and set up some  its a really cool little extra side gig too!Absolutely and well include in the Show Notes below the links to how we have ours set up because we actually have a blog post that walks you step-by-step through it so check that out in the show notes Coming up we got tip .

4. Online Services -

 Now this is actually pretty cool because you could already have a job that you been working on where you say maybe doing virtual assistants, right? Or maybe your a tax professional and you been working at a job your whole life but now you want to get it online you want to do something with the one that you love and your both way super mathy or maybe one of you is an accountant and the other one is a lawyer like a business lawyer or something and nyou want to put your heads together and create an awesome business online where you do not have a job. this is really neat because you can take your service that you specialize in and you can turn it into an awesome business online where you are helping people! You may be in graphic design or web design and you want to have an awesome place where people come to you and you do a service for them, right? Absolutely.

There so many different things that you can do in the online space that is service based. So from the  SEO (search engine optimization) to even a voice-over artist... Think about doing something with your skills that you can do. Maybe you are a video grapher and you go to a lot of really cool places and people are looking for a certain B-Roll...They are looking for cut-in footage of the ocean, or beaches, or mountains, or rivers and you got your awesome cameras or you are taking this bad @$$ footage all over the place. Guess what? You could set up a simple business online where people can find what it is that you offer and you can provide that service to them... Digitally! That why we included services... online services, specifically, as part of this Top 5 is because you can literally pack your bag and hit the road and make it happen! That right.

 5. Tech Niche -

Tech niche is a fun one because there is so much technology there so many widgets,  gadgets, gizmos! All of these things that people love to see reviews on. So, one of the hot things that people do in the tech niche, they do reviews. So you  see here on YouTube or any where that there  video where they got the item and they are talk they are doing un boxings and talking about it, right? Yeah that right! So many people are taking advantage of the reviews niche. Something else that actually really cool thing that you can do with technology is teach people how to use it, 

right?!Absolutely! You could create an eCourse on how to use a certain kind of software. You could do tutorials and show people how things work. Maybe you create a software or something like that and you want to share with the world how awesome it is and how much it can help them in their life or in their business.Right, absolutely and so whats really cool about the Tech Niche is you normally know a lot about a certain subject and so you know you can go online and go to youtube and go to Google and Google what it is that you are trying to figure out but a lot of times there not a step-by-step approach that shows you how to put the son of a B together, Right? And so what you can do in that case is brand yourself and set yourself up, your own membership portal

 where you have eCourses that show people from the beginning how to get to a desired destination all in order so they do not have to go and spend the hours and hours and hours trying to figure it out for themselves online. I can tell you whenever I first started creating a business online that what I did and it sucks! It drains you. You do not know what it is that you are looking for a lot of times so you do not know what the words are. But if you are able to communicate what it is that you offer in human speak. Inlaymans term do not  get a little techie-jargony yet because that is saved for your course so you can teach people how it is to do the things that you do for your particular niche. So the Tech Niche is a pretty cool industry. Yes super cool! You could even dive into creating widgets or apps... Basically anything that you create in a business online or, a business in general, is meant to HELP people. It is meant to fulfill a need, a desire, to help somebody get over a problem that they are having, so that their life can become better. 



Bonus ideas -

 So we were talking at the beginning about a BONUS... We had this great idea that maybe you are not looking to pull up your roots and be able to travel the world like we do. Maybe you are just wanting to make some cash from home from something that you can do that you are already doing? So what are some ideas for lets say someone has the ability to do something, or whatever... what are some ideas that you know about that people are doing really really well in. But if they break into the online market make a probably 10 X their business? Hmm! This is a good one! Okay! Maybe you are an artist? Maybe your one of those people that says " I am a starving artist and I I do not know howto get my artwork out there I do not know how to get my jewelry company off the ground or this beautiful leather handbag company that I started I do not know how to get it off the ground.&quot.

Most the time when we talk to these people who are having a hard time to get their offline business off the ground is because they have not yet put it online. They have not yet shared it with the world or open their mind to the possibility of this thing getting bigger than just local. Yeah... Because you can really you could take a business that is in a local area and really blow it up to the point where you need to hire people to help you make these products that you are making because you just cant keep up.Which is actually a really good problem to have! That is a huge huge problem to have & a very very good one! I absolutely love that problem!Lets give you some Action Steps to be able to start a business starting right now!First you got your idea...

 You watched all the way this point. You seen One through Five... You gotten the BONUS tip of a different you know sort of niche that you could potentially do. How do you create a business online, simply? It all starts with your IDEA! As soon as you have an idea then you can start creating a brand. Then you can start figuring out who it is that would actually use your product or service. You set up a website,Simple... Just simply set up a website and integrate your payment system so that people can pay you online. Whether or not you are offline. Whether or not you started one of these cool ideas online and a very cool niche this is exactly how you do it. The last thing is you start to market yourself so that you can get in front of more people so that you have thousands of eyeballs finding your content every single day online and so we want to actually help you with that because we used to struggle trying to find different things to do to create a business online. UNTIL we put all the pieces together... Painfully after a long time of struggling. We do not want you to struggle like we did. So what do we got for them?We actually set up a Road Map for you to take you step by step from the beginning the beautiful idea phase all the way to growing and scaling your business so you never feel stuck and along with the road map comes the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs where we can help you out in a community so anytime that you feel like you do not know what to do, we will be there for you, we will screen share even if you need that in your business to help you move forward. So what we found is that when a lot of people get started with business online they do not have a place to get their 

questions answered and that really sucks. And it sucks to see people struggling constantly trying to get their their message out there trying to build a successful business online when they dont have the support that they need and that why we developed the BE Adventure Partners brand is to help bridge that gap! so you never feel stuck! So you know that you got a place that you can get your questions answered and we would love to see you in the Tribe!Jump on one of our weekly live Campfire Q&A is where we do the video conference call!Its totally a ton of fun! People from all over the world jump in there and we would love to see you in there

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