Next generation online hot new business ideas 2021

Next generation online hot new business ideas 2021

Next generation online hot new business ideas 2021

 I'm share a few guys ten different online business ideas that I would personally pursue myself if I wasn't so damn busy as you guys could probably imagine I've got a lot going on I've got a lot of distances and projects and I can't do it all so oftentimes what I do is whenever I have ideas for things I write it down I capture it and so here on my phone I like to use Evernote and I use on my computer as well so that I've got a little notebook here that as 

I think about ideas I can put them in here and build up a vault and then when I'm planning out my my goals for the next year whatever might be five years from now ten years from now I can always tap into all these different ideas that I have of different opportunities that I could pursue to make money or build businesses or whatever it might be so

I highly recommend as you guys go about your life and you guys think of ideas write them down because how many times do you think of something that you forget about so you should always be creating new ideas tapping into that creative mind and be an idea generating machine and write them down so that eventually maybe one day you could pursue them now I know for myself there's no humanly possible way that I could do at all and it'd be foolish to think that I can or even attempt to

 I see a lot of people out there they have all these ideas and they're trying to do all these different things at once but really what you're doing is you're diluting your focus you know I'd much rather implement one great idea really well masterfully and go deep with it and do an amazing job and be the best one out there then trying to pursue ten different ideas half-ass and kind of dabbling with them and do a mediocre job that's a horrible way to do things instead it's great to have one or two maybe three ideas and really implement that - the best way the best humanly possible way that you can and as we have more time or resources whatever it is you can be more strategic you can leverage more and you can actually implement a lot more as well now these ideas that 

I've got here I've actually got more than ten that I'll share with you guys some ideas that I'd like to pursue one day these are things that are all aligned with my personal interests I don't pursue things just for money you know of course any business has to be profitable there has to be potential for that but for me it's more than just money for me it's doing something I'm enjoy something that I have an interest or passion for something that I feel that it's gonna make a contribution to the world and make a difference and serve the world in some way for me if you focus on that the money follows now there are of course different ideas that might have more potential to make more money from and the ideas that I have here one thing you guys might notice is

 I don't have any fear I don't have scarcity like a lot of people do and hopefully I can demonstrate that with you guys you know so many people out there they have their little ideas and they're so afraid to share it they want you know it's almost like they're afraid that someone else is going to take that idea and create more competition for them or something like that guys 

I don't care about that at all I have no fear about that I just have an abundance of it but also I think a lot of people that have those fears it's because they lack confidence like all they have different ideas I'm going to share with you guys here if any of you guys want to take it and run with it go for it but I'm not scared or intimidated by that because honestly 

I have confidence in myself that I can do a much better job I believe that I can offer my unique gifts and skills and I can market it a certain way because ideas by itself guy guys have little value you know everybody has different ideas but the real value of that is being able to execute that implement that put that into action something that very few people are actually willing to do and you know it's more than just the idea but it's how you market it how you sell it you know Apple you know Apple wasn't the first company to think of the idea of an

 mp3 player you know there was already mp3 players out there on the market and there are actually better ones that when the iPod came along there were better mp3 players out there than the iPod but what Steve Jobs did he wasn't afraid or intimidated he said you know what it's a great idea but I can do a better job I can market this in a different way I can brand it I can create a different customer experience and so the idea is that

 I have it's not that you know they're so special that no one else out there is doing them you know I'm sure there's other people out there that are doing you know many of these different ideas that. 

I have I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here it's the ability to execute your ability to market it build a brand around and build a business around it and there's a lot of markets and opportunities out there that there's more than enough room for many different products or different positioning of different products that are available there so guys if you have this fear about your little idea that you might have or your product idea on Amazon whatever 

it is guys we've got to have more confidence in you because when you're confident in you because it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing like for me I believe that I can pursue any business out there and be successful at it because I'm betting on myself and I'm  bet on myself every single day of the week and that's a confidence that you have to build and cultivate with yourself .

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1. Buy websites

 so  one idea that I think is always great and I'd love to do it more and I might pursue this more maybe in the next year or two there's a really great opportunity to make money if you if you have some marketing skills and you can actually buy businesses or buy different websites that are available so there's certain websites and marketplaces out there where you can buy domain names like GoDaddy auctions or you can buy you know websites on and there's different kind of platforms like that 

where a lot of people out there they have web sites they have social media accounts they have you know already a business out there and they're looking to sell it and often if you have certain marketing skills you can buy that business relatively cheap and before you buy it you already know all these different ways that you can build it up and make money from it or get a greater return on it or maybe build it up or flip it so I think that's a great opportunity I'd like to pursue that a lot more a little bit above that in the past but

 I just think that's always a great way to make money for them because there's a lot of people out there they have a blog or they have you know their little website whatever it is and they're getting traffic they're getting traffic they might have a little bit of an email list they have some branding or that though even the website is ranked well it's got a high page rank in the search engines its ranking well you know for certain key it's got some domain Authority and all the sort of stuff that if you just kind of have some basic skills you can go in there you can buy it cheap because a lot of these people that are selling them they're not really like 

I know so many bloggers out there they're selling their websites but they have no idea how to market it they have no idea how to really monetize it and so if you know affiliate marketing if you know how to monetize things if you know how to you know different tweaks or different things that you can do then that's a amazing opportunity that you can buy something cheap build it up or even just sometimes you just make a few tweaks for it and then boom all of a sudden you turn it more profitable and you can make a great passive income from that so 

I always think that's a great opportunity great idea to make money from another one that I have and this is actually something I'm pursuing right now and do more of is I've kind of created a bit of a method that for affiliate marketing that I think is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing I'm right now creating a training and I also kind of like a done-for-you service inside my marketing mastery course but it's basically creating a mini course okay so creating a mini course you first got to identify them niche and the products within that niche that you want to promote or sell but you're creating a free mini course in that free mini course could be a seven day course it could be a three day course it could be a 14 day course

 it could be whatever you know you want it to be but it essentially be this this course where you're giving away value people have to put in their name and email you're giving a free course of course refer you to people and that course is providing tremendous amount of value but within that course it's promoting as an affiliate different products or tools or resources that are basically kind of essential or a necessity to go along with that course and because whenever you provide something that's incredibly valuable like that for free and people benefit from it and they're like wow oh my god thank you so much this is amazing and they have those little lightbulbs go off in their head then all of a sudden they they're gonna be more open to saying you know what this guy's great he recommended this or he recommended that

 I'm gonna check that out because I think it's gonna help me implement better what this person is providing so that's always a great method or a great strategy and you could do that for different niches out there so an example could be well the one one of the ideas that I have for a niche for me is binge eating so let's say someone had a binge eating problem and you create this little binge eating course on how to overcome it right and you had this little seven-day overcome binge eating and you know you had some different strategies every day you had a little video or article or something that's valuable for them that just gives them some valuable tips and over seven days they see some great progress from that but within those seven days you might promote or offer a few different resources that can help them as well that you're an affiliate for that if they end up buying through you you'll get a commission from them so that's that's essentially 

what the strategy is that I'm gonna be teaching more but I'm actually doing it more myself first before I teach it because whenever I teach something I like to make sure that I've got you know the formula down I'm getting great results with it and then give great examples to help people with that as well and by the way I even have eye on the domain names 30-day 30-day morning ritual challenge calm as well because that idea that

 I have for that is hey you know what I've been doing my 30-day morning ritual challenge you know my social media have done it you know in the past years and whatnot and I've got my course called morning ritual mastery and a lot of great written you know resources I've got some top YouTube videos on morning rituals as well 

so I want to turn that website it's kind of a similar thing like a 30-day kind of challenge thing or people gonna be involved in a post on social media they use certain hashtags and and you know basically it's kind of like a 30-day kind of process but it's a great way if I have my own product which I do I can promote through that or you can do it be an affiliate and promote other people's stuff to you so it's kind of ideas like that that

 I really liked because you're really providing value to people and you're creating an experience for them and they're actually providing and promoting things to them that will legitimate eave the results or the goal that they're after much faster

2. Binge eating program 

so many of you guys know my history I used to have a binge eating disorder I did two different fitness competitions in 2012 and 2014 and I ended up developing a binging disorder and for me doesn't one of those hard most painful things that I ever went through in my life and I remember god I scoured the internet for solutions I bought books at the bookstore 

I you know looked at every different product or resource or YouTube video everything that was possibly out there to overcome my binging disorder and what actually found is that there wasn't there wasn't a lot of good stuff like it's such a great market because if you've got a great store you've been through it you've over a comment there's a lot of people out there that need help and I did a YouTube video when I overcame it's my um that I did on my youtube channel that it really popular I think it's almost got a million views on how to overcome binge eating disorder and that video did so well and I get people that reach out to me all the time from that and so

 I really realized why there's a big market here there's a lot of stuff that I learned that I could help so many people with just from my experience my story with it but all the different resources and the things that I've learned myself that can help people so I would love to create one day this has been on my list for a few years I know if I ever will though but it's such a big market and there's not enough people in it that are like really providing like a business and books and resources and trainings and all this sort of stuff that I think it's a great opportunity for someone to get into you and you know you could do well on YouTube 

you know interviewing different people and binge eating and creating a lot of great content on that and create a video training program and all these different things I think you could do really a lot with that I think you could do a lot with affiliate marketing there's probably certain supplements that you could either create yourself or sell or physical products that can help people as well

 I think like for example there's one product and be great to be an affiliate for or to private label and do yourself is um like a lot of people that binge you have those cravings and in these desires and then you buy into it so you'll like go to the store and then you'll end up buying ice cream or whatever then coming back and eating it but there's actually a product that's kind of like a jar or like a little safe you can set a timer for it

so when you have that willpower you put like your key isn't it you put your wallet your credit cards all that your phone all that stuff in it and so that way I you have those you know temptations and cravings you know you've got nothing in your house anyways but you can't you know take your keys or go to the store or take your wallet and stuff so you have to learn how to kind of cope with it so anyways I've got a lot of ideas for that one

 3. Publishing a book

 I published a lot of different books a lot of the books that I published though I I more than the publisher rather than the author of them so I've written some my own books in the past but I don't really focus on selling them much anymore but what I've done in the past as many of you guys know through my publishing course is

 I teach people you don't have to be the author you can just be a publishing company you can hire writers and authors and you can buy their work from them and then you market you publish it and you earn the royalties from that well for me I always want to do my own books some more of my own different ones but there's a lot of different ideas that I have for different books that I want to write myself but of course you know sitting down to write a book and you know for me at least I want to spend more time on it but also for me

 if I do it a book my strategy is that I'm actually going to not go the self-publishing route I'll probably go the traditional publisher row because I'm in a different position now where I've got a big audience and following that I can go to a publishing company and I can get in an advance for it and I can work with them and they can give me much greater distribution beyond just my own audience 

so I you know want to go to the top publishing companies out there if you can show them how big my audience is and it also provide different ideas that I have for different books that I'd like to create then they can give me a great advance of a six-figure or even a seven-figure advance in some cases and then with that I can actually get to the New York Times bestseller list so for me it's something that I want to do but to get to that New York Times bestseller list it's gonna take a lot of work to make sure first and foremost the book is amazing but also making sure you've got a great marketing plan and strategy around it because to really get yourself to that that list you have to get on all the podcast and all the media interviews all that sort of stuff so it's really like a year in some cases of really going deep marketing promoting it 

I've got a few friends that are best-selling authors and in new york times so that's something that i will be probably pursuing the next few years but i just always have great ideas like that of different books and if i wasn't in the situation that i mean now I would just self publish but for me again I I'm not I'd be using the book just to kind of catapult myself to the next level and yeah so I think publishing books is always great especially if you if you know if it fits within a great niche or market it has a high demand and you know whatever niche or your business might be in there's a lot of opportunity to you can publish books on Amazon and what a book does too is it gives you another level of credibility and authority so regardless of how much money you make from the book I mean you can make some good money from books

 but it's more so the authority the relationship that you build with people the credibility cuz just you having a book is a big deal in whatever market that you're in so so having a book is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to you building your list building your brand of course making money on the front end too but also on the back end if you really know how to use one okay. 

4.Biohacking optimization health and fitness 

 I like for myself I've always had a passion for biohacking optimization health and fitness and I like the nootropic market of supplements nootropics are certain supplements that have certain cognitive benefits performance benefits whether it was your memory whether it's with just like your energy energy level your focus and I think there's a lot of opportunity there and it's something that I'd probably pursue and try to sell on Amazon first and then basically build my own brand around - but it's all about how you position it so positioning it 

I probably position it to online entrepreneurs obviously there's people that people that spend a lot of time typically and from the computer whether it's like engineers or programmers and people like that I think that's a big market to create a nootropic or performance-based supplements that can help them and I actually think this has already been done by quite a few people already but I think you could position it in certain ways to do super well.

5.  Planners

 so this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now I just haven't had a chance to really dive into it but creating certain planners for how to manage your time how to manage your day how to manage your life and your goals and everything there's already a bunch that are out there but I know for myself I have my own strategies and my own kind of my own formula and stuff of how I do things that I think would be very unique and do really well with that 

so certainly certain types of planners I think can be really effective and if you position it the right way I think planners are great too because people buy them as gifts for people and then also you know it becomes a part of someone's life so when someone's using a plan or you know they're using that every single day and that's powerful marketing is when your product plays a daily role in someone else's life and you know once the you know the run out of pages are gonna keep buying more and more from you so you can really expand the value of a lifetime customer 

you can also create an app to go along with it as well and also there's opportunity for an information component on the back end where they also provide training and more information that can further help them with time management productivity optimization or whatever it might be so that'd be something I'd probably first sell on Amazon and then sell on Shopify and on the website and just kind of build a brand from it but the reason why I like this product as well as even like the new topics things like that is because there's a big leverage component which I love in business so a huge mistake that often a lot of people make is they just try to market and build their product themself but they don't use leverage and if you've got a product like

 that like a certain supplement or a planner great opportunity is to find and network with other people out there that are influencers that have big names they have a big following and give them your product product for free build a relationship with them so that essentially they can promote the product to their audience for you and you could even get people that can sponsor your product and be ambassadors for your products and so that's always the one of the best ways to market is now you're leveraging someone else's influence their credibility and their

 following in their audience to help you be able to sell your product so that's one of my favorite ways of marketing I think one of the best ways out there is when you can leverage that I mean even potential with binge-eating because if you can you know so so many

 for example

 Fitness competitors and Fitness people they struggle with binge eating that they have a huge audience that also had been through eating disorders as well that you can leverage and have them be ambassadors for your product or program to help promote it so there's a lot of opportunities in ways you think about how you market your ideas that can make it very effective.

6. Relationship training program

I have that I'd love to pursue this will probably be in the next few years is with tatianna and I we actually want to create a relationship program a relationship training program to share a lot of the rituals a lot of different practices and principles that we live by to make our relationship great and I realized you know I've spent a lot of time in the relationship market because

 I used to be involved in it and also now it with Tantra as well and I'm actually surprised how much it's kind of lacking in that marketplace on how to really have an amazing extraordinary relationship but also integrating Tantra into your relationship as well there's books I know some of the Tantra teachers that are out there some of the big ones because I'm friends with in I've been to their workshops but I found that a lot of them they're actually not really that great at marketing they're not really that great in communicating it they're kind of a little bit too people get turned off sometimes I think from the message of Tantra or some of these sort of things because it's there too spiritual there to airy-fairy and their communication of it and

 I think if you can better communicate and market it effectively then I could do really really well so that's something I want to pursue one day but I see you know one thing also a lot of people don't realize is awesome often times when you have these ideas you don't necessarily have to do it yourself like there's some situations too for a different product or course you can partner with someone who is the expert and then you do the marketing for it you know you're the one behind the scenes new the marketing implementing these marketing skills that you have and then they're the face of the product they're the Guru they're the expert there's a lot of great business ideas that happen that way too.

7. Time management course

 Time management course that's something that I want to personally create or also on mindset because that's a huge challenge that I see a lot of people face and deal with in the market that I'm in that want to change their life that want to build a business they don't have much time they have all these limiting beliefs and stories and and and just such a limiting psychology that holds them back from creating the success that they want and I think there's not enough emphasis on mindset and time management time management really learning how to optimize and specifically when you target it for online 

entrepreneurs people that want to build an online business because that's the challenge a lot of people have is they have limited time they have their nine-to-five job and then that's something they only have time to do and there are evenings and weekends but a lot of people they have no idea how to manage their time effectively so that's something that it's probably going to be more of my immediate future I'd like to focus on.

 8. Coaching consulting

 I think in the day and age that we live in now where there's more automation as more technology there's lots of information out there and what's lacking is a lot of the personal connection a lot of the one-on-one coaching consulting or the workshops and events and for me I love coaching I built my career off coaching get on skype with people and meeting up one-on-one and now for me my time is so much more limited and my time is much more expensive to that I haven't been able to do that nearly as much as

 I'd like to because I love it so for me personally is getting more there's always more off there's tons of opportunities for that if you have certain skills there's always people they're gonna be willing to pay you for that and I think that's why it's so imperative and important to become a master in your life to cultivate your value in your skills because the more you do the more you can charge or you can serve and help people but helping people on the one-on-one basis is very powerful I think it's one of the best ways you can help people to get results in their life whatever it might be or in small intimate groups events masterminds things that nature

so I already do some of that but I would like to do a lot more of that and maybe even position myself to focus on doing coaching in certain aspects of life or niches that I also have a passion for because right now my rates are very expensive based on my time but it's more targeting position towards people with business and marketing because those are the people that are willing to spend that amount to work with me for that versus it's harder to charge a high amount in relationship coaching or confidence coaching or things of that nature than it is someone paying you for business coaching or marketing consulting.

9. Social media or search engine optimization 

 so that's another idea always a huge demand and an opportunity there if you have certain skills with social media or search engine optimization or whatever it is offer yourself as a coach when it one a great way to make money but also add value to people's lives and also you cultivate and develop your skills a lot more as well .

 10. Software

 I think software is great software doesn't require a lot more experience and money and resources to be able to create but with all these whenever there's kind of these growing trends online on the internet people are always willing to pay money to save them time to automate things to make things a lot easier and a lot faster because you know there's only really two ways to do that you could hire someone which is always kind of a pain because 

you got to find them and interview them you got to manage them and train them all that sort of stuff or if you can have a software that can do that and run on autopilot or just kind of impress a few buttons and it does the job that someone you'd have to hire to do that's always the better path because you don't have to hire them and interview them and train them and manage them and all that sort of stuff so software is great now there's opportunities and markets that open up like Amazon is big and you know there's a lot of you know people that are 

Amazon sellers they're looking for ways they can build their business easier and faster so that provides opportunity for different where is that if you can create that and help make their job easier then now you have all this huge market of Amazon sellers that are gonna then buy your software and use it same thing you know even goes with affiliate marketing or all these different things out there so it's identifying these markets like

 for example cryptocurrency it was a huge emerging market in the last few years and especially last year just really blew up and everyone's everyone in there their dog is getting the cryptocurrency well with that because cryptocurrency is getting so big comes an opportunity for people to create different platforms and services and things that can go along with that you know as the saying goes when there's a gold rush oftentimes that people are making the most money during the gold rush or not the people that are going out there mining for the gold it's the people that are selling the picks and the shovels and and the wheelbarrows right that are there to support that demand so if you think that way then there's a lot of opportunity that you can make a lot of money from there.

11.  Services

 so again anything that could save people time say people you know accelerate the process so if you can create something that's done for them that people will pay you more money from that just to save them time and I've sort of doing that more in my business as well so

for example - you know I have like a service now that I've trained my team to do where we'll set up their funnel your online funnel for you and it's a done-for-you service or we'll set up your website for you you know it's a bonus now providing with my affiliate marketing mastery is you know you say yeah we'll give you a bonus my team will set up your website for you will install the different plugins configure it all a sort of stuff so it's saving you a lot of time especially for someone that doesn't have to have the experience

 they're more intimidated and they're just looking to get started they're looking just to get in the game a lot faster so done-for-you type services and any type of business is always always great because people will always pay that for you it's almost like if you buy a TV there's a few different options one you can just buy the TV outright right that's the cheapest way of doing it the second way is maybe the TV with you know some sort of training they'll show you how to configure it and set everything up and then the best level is you know though I should be someone that will come over to your house and they'll set everything up for you set it and forget it man you don't have to do anything they configure everything for you the way you want it to be and of course that costs more money but there's always a market for that there's always people out there they don't want it it's kind of like buying a Kia Furniture nobody wants to set up the nobody wants to you know put everything together it takes hours to do that and so instead they have a service done-for-you service hey you know what we'll come over we'll set everything up for you and we'll get it set up the way that you want it to be set up and there's always people that will pay you for that.


 I think more than ten different online business ideas things that I'd like to pursue one day but what are your ideas guys I want you guys to think of ideas that can help you guys build your business and be able to succeed you know anybody can just give you an idea you know you can you know give somebody a fish and feed them for a day but if I teach you how to fish 

I can feed you for a lifetime and that's why it's so important imperative and you guys could take any these ideas that you want and I'm sure you could be fine with them and of course you got to put the work and the time energy the passion all that sort of stuff to succeed with it but it's really when you come up with your own ideas and your being unique and you're being creative that's what separates someone who's truly

 successful because in life you can either be a follower or you could be a leader and the followers they only get so far it's the leaders the ones that are innovating the ones that are creating the trends the ones that are thinking outside the box and trying different things and they're coming up with their ideas and they're implementing and those are the people that are always the ones that will stay on top and succeed long term you know I can't tell you guys in the position that I'm in how many people out there they try to copy me to copy my ball my blog my website they you know in my publishing course I remember at one point 

I shared some books that I had everything all these people copy that they copy what I'm trying to do here trying to all this sort of stuff and yeah I look at that I kind of laugh I'm like yeah these people they're just gonna be followers their whole life and they're gonna get maybe a little bit of success but

 I always know that the real competitive advantage that I have or anybody out there that is truly successful is the ability to come up with their own ideas to be a maverick to be unique to be different and to be someone that that takes initiative and takes action on those things and lives in that abundance mentality because they have the confidence 

with it so cultivate that confidence guys whatever a different idea that you want to pursue as long as that's profitable is potential for it and you do your research on that I don't give a what the competition is you can dominate you can succeed if you have the belief system if you have the mindset that's what's gonna separate you from everybody else out there so build that mindset guys it's so important have the abundance mentality don't worry about competition make your competition worry about you so that's my message for you guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this article .

top 51 craft business ideas 2020 to 2050

After 40 what business ideas is good to start

What is business analyst job in dallas

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