After 40 what business ideas is good to start

After 40 what business ideas is good to start

After 40 what business ideas is good to start

  It was a big one it was not 21 I have to say but it was in fact 40 and it got me thinking because I was thinking well you know what am I where I want to be in life have I achieved enough in life and we all go through at least a lot of people in my experience go through these ideas of maybe not feeling enough maybe not have succeeded enough especially

   If you're kind of into this social media thing you might compare yourself to other people you might see what other people are doing and think you're not as far ahead and so I got me thinking you know what I remember hearing once that most successful people don't get their success until after 40 the fact is in the news we hear about all these wonder kids who at 23 years old and worth a billion or more like Mark Zuckerberg Wars and and the guy from snapchat perhaps and we hear all these stories and we think that that's the norm whereas in actual fact most success happens beyond the age of 40 beyond the age of 50 and so on and it's never too late so wherever you are now I'm here to tell you that it's never too late and let me give you some examples some popular examples that you might be able to relate to the Henry Ford Ford Motor Company he was actually working for Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb but he quit there at 40 to start 

  The Ford Motor Company another example Abraham Lincoln the very very famous president at the age of 40 he thought his political career was over he went back to working in the law firm and it was only a few short years later that he then accelerated his political career and then became president of the United States did the whole freedom of the slaves Act and the rest is history then you've got other examples love more low than McDonald's the McDonald's brothers had won one restaurant it wasn't at all Ray Kroc who was selling milkshakes and he was 52 years old and if you've seen the movie that found that with Michael Keaton it's definitely worth watching but he then came and he was a little bit on the hand admittedly but he created a franchise he created this whole McDonald's industry which you know I'm not personally a big fan of however it's just to show that even at 52 he was then created millions millions Sam Walton from Walmart so the big massive chain in fact the Walmart family if you put them all together are in fact the richest family in the world they're like all the kids are worth billions and billions each but he was 44 did favored at several other stores before he created 

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   The successful Walmart store but he was 44 when he did it what about Charles Darwin we think you know Charles Darwin he actually may have gone on his HMS Beagle adventures when he was 21 years old but it wasn't until he was 50 that he actually produced on the origin of the species the very famous book that then led to this whole revolution if you like an evolutionary theory and again another fast food chain outlet which I'm not a big fan of but I used to love back in the day KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken created by Colonel Sanders how old was he he wasn't 40 150 wasn't 60 was 65 when he founded that and he had a massive success so more recent examples maybe like in terms of acting samuel l.jackson although have been an actor and he had like a little minor pipe what's up a Phillies Pulp Fiction breakout role when he was 44 he really accelerated his career or Steve Carell but huge comedian

     Now that we see him he was actually 43 when he got that started role in the 40 year old virgin Vera Wang that'd be the kind of designer she was 40 when she changed careers and decided to do that so there are examples all over the place of being 40 50 60 that you are then gonna succeed so my I guess my encouragement to my future self from watching this video to you as well is that it doesn't matter where you are right now it doesn't matter how old you are in fact you can still still succeed wherever you are you've just got to put in the effort you've got to put in the grind you've got to find the right mentors you've got to find the right niche for yourself you've got to find something you're passionate about and you're going to keep grinding and grinding and grinding and you can and will be successful until next time .

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