best business plan with small investment in 2021

best business plan with small investment in 2021

best business plan with small investment in 2021

when you start a business you start dreaming but when you're just starting out you have nothing and today I'm gonna prove you that you can start a business with zero dollars so if you're interested in starting a company without any budget continue reading article .

1. Whole food store

The guys who started it they first relied on their parents and Friends money and when they started the first store they were actually running out of cash they were kicked out of their apartment and they had to live in their whole food store.

2. Airbnb

 It started with Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia realizing that people need places to stay and they started renting out their extra bed in their apartment and this is how the whole Airbnb started did they have money no they didn't they just had their passion they had their talent and this is how they started a billion dollar company.

3. Garage Hewlett and Parkers

Started their company at their parent's garage Google do you think Sergey Brin had billions of dollars to code the whole thing no Google was his research project at Stanford and then he realized the algorithm is actually worth something and he started working on that language chip story Dimitri and I started linguae trip with $300 initial investment to just register a company and then we used money from a first client to build a website and then we used our money from the second client to go to the UK and sign up more schools for the platform so basically you don't need a lot of money to start a company you need a lot of passion and you need a good idea now there are some types of businesses that actually require raising money and when you're thinking about your business idea you need to really decide whether you need that money or not because.

 for example if you're building a bakery if you're starting a consultancy business if you are creating a store online you don't really need initial investment yes you need to come up with a product you need to think what are you gonna sell so what are your skills what is your experience what is that product that you're selling for that type of thing you don't really need a lot of money I was here seeing a zero cash because you can set up everything online however if you're building something like some people 

I know they're building a supersonic jet company oh yeah you totally need an initial investment but this is completely different stories so if you're building something that can be venture-backed and VC's venture capitalists back businesses that could grow to over a billion dollars so always ask yourself can this business be worth a billion dollars and if yes then you can raise money from angel investors but you really need to be sure that you're building something unique but it's gonna be scaling really fast because if it's just another you know bakery store and you're thinking of creating a new chain Starbucks type this is not really a VC business you can't really scale it even if you have millions of dollars.

 sometimes you think that you need to raise money for your business just because you need to pay yourself and this is a completely different story there is money that your business needs and there is money that you need and this story with the money that you need is sold in a different way it doesn't mean you need to raise money for your business that means you need to save some money for yourself and I would say have at least six months of run right when I started a business I lived with my parents and I ate my parents food I relied on their salaries.

 I didn't have a lot of savings but I was also 21 years old if you're older if you have a family if you have responsibilities like maybe you already have a mortgage or whatever I would advise you to start thinking about your business while working for somebody else so you work for somebody else you spend your evenings and your weekends thinking about your business idea and saving money so again you need to have at least six months worth of run-rate in order to start your own company and not run out of money right away.

 sometimes I feel that you want to raise money for your company just because you need another approval not because you really need their money but just because you want to hear it from somebody else like yes your business idea is worth something because it seems that there is no other way for you to know whether your business idea is worth it unless somebody invest in it but there's a thing you can do you can run a very quick trial and I've done that on Silicon Valley girl I've done that with some of my products I run ads before actually creating the product I agree a simple landing page which can be created for free.

 I create a very simple offer and I ask people to sign up and then you spend maybe okay fifty dollars on Facebook ads but that would already show you the conversion rate that would already show you whether there's interest for your product again with linguae trip we started by doing everything manually yes we had an idea of this amazing automated platform but it later took us three years to code it but I was really really happy that we already had clients that were paying because they were just proving that our idea is worth it and I knew I'm gonna make life easier for them so try and run a small trial maybe ask people to sign up for an email maybe provide a service to your friends because I guess a lot of people who are starting their businesses right now they are relying on their own experience they are relying on their own area of expertise maybe it's a free consultation maybe you here doing a social media gig then do something for free ask for views and this is another way for you to understand whether the business idea is worth it and get some reviews as well.

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