Top Christmas Festival Lines, facts, story 2020

Top Christmas Festival Lines, facts, story 2020

Top 10 Christmas Day lines

1. The festival of christmas is celebrated on 25th december every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus christ.

2. It is the one of the major christmas festival which is celebrate by many non-christian communities too; with extreme enthusiasm and joy.

3. People visit charches and offer prayers to the lord and seek their blessing for their happiness and prosperity.

4. People dressed in santa claus costumes and distributing gifts and very common sightings during the festival.

5. Christmas is the day when people remember the sacrifice of jesus christ who came to protect them from their sins and sorrows.

6. The evergreen fir tree is used as christmas tree and is decorated, tinsels, gifts etc. on the occasion.

7. People sing carols, enjoy delicacies, exchange gifts, decorate their home and occasio.

8. The main celebrate commences one day before christmas, on 24th December popularly known as Christmas Eve.

9. The celebration continues till New Year and also after few days to celebrate related to christmas.

10. The festival of christmas spreads the message of live, harmony, peace and brotherhood as taugh by jesus christ.

Top Christmas Festival Lines, facts, story 2020

Top Christmas Festival Lines, facts, story 2020

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Christmas Top Three Fact

About 2 billion people celebrate Christmas that's right and in the United States 9 out of 10 people celebrate Christmas Christmas is really popular. 

 1. Alabama fact

An interesting fact that will bring your heart some holiday cheer Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas holiday isn't that interesting Alabama Alabama it's kind of cool this is pretty cool president ulysses s grant made Christmas a federal holiday in 1870 and if you didn't know this ulysses s grant was the 18th President of the United States now you might remember about 2 billion people celebrate Christmas that means Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Everyone celebrates Christmas on December 25th did you know that it's kind of interesting some people in Egypt Russia Ethiopia and other countries celebrate Christmas on January 7th Wow January 7th and some countries have different Christmas traditions

for example -  people who celebrate Christmas in India often decorate mango trees or even banana trees .

Some Christmas traditions change over time.

 for example - The first Christmas tree decorations were foods like apples nuts and dates we really eat our Christmas decorations today but the first Christmas tree decorations were actually pretty tasty apples nuts and dates .

2. Artificial Christmas Tree 

Another interesting fact most Christmas trees are artificial that means they're not real Wow most Christmas trees are artificial in fact since 1991 more artificial Christmas trees are sold each year than real ones like this is an artificial tree home also an artificial truck and artificial snow.

3. Rudolph Fact

 Did you know Rudolph was almost named Rollo Rollo Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was almost called Rollo Rollo was the name of a Viking who became the first Duke of Normandy so I'd be an interesting name for a reindeer.

The Christmas Day story 

About 2,000 years ago in a small town called Nazareth there was a little house when lived a young Jewish girl named Mary she was not married but she was going to be real soon to a good man named Joseph well one day something amazing happened an angel of the Lord scarier a very important angel appeared to Mary who are you I am Gabriel don't be afraid Mary you have found favor with

 God he loves he very much God has sent me here to tell you that soon you'll have a son huh me a son yes a son he will be called Jesus he will be great and will be called the son of God Mary was very obedient and she said I am the handmaid of the Lord may God do with me as he wants to Mary wanted to do just as God told her to do just near the time(meaning of christmas) Mary was about to have her baby the Roman Emperor sent soldiers to announce a new Lord okay listen everyone the Emperor Caesar Augustus says that all of you need to pay some taxes now and register for census so Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem because that's where Joseph had to pay taxes it was about 65 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the trip took many many days and when they reached Bethlehem guess what happened all the places waffle all the ins were full marry you wait here make yourself comfortable by then

 I will try to find a suitable place for us to stay Joseph kept knocking and knocking again and again he had been looking and looking for a place to stay amiri was about to have a baby well I have tried almost all the ends and it looks like all of them(meaning of christmas) are full dear Mary how do you feel I am very tired Joseph but please don't worry I am sure God will provide a place for us poor Joseph and Mary were so tired and didn't know what to do Oh God tell me what to do help me I have no idea no clue

 it's sad that Mary and Joseph had no place to stay no place to go a place no one would have expected the Son of God to be born in it wasn't a palace not some castle not in a fancy building either God's son was born in a humble small stable I'll go and get some fresh hay will you can sleep comfortably tonight that night Jesus was born and oh it was a wonderful night big star shining in the sky there was no crib so they laid baby Jesus in a manger

 it was full of fresh hay and made it a little comfortable for the baby near Bethlehem that night there were some Shepherds keeping watch over their flocks of sheep when suddenly an angel appeared to them I have good news for you there is a savior who(meaning of christmas) has been born what really what Savior can we see him where is he the angel told them where to find him the Shepherd's was so excited and happy they ran to the stable and found Jesus there just as the angel had told them after they had seen Jesus they spread the news and everyone who heard was in wonder in wonder just like you are doesn't it sound magical tofu.

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